As you might imagine, much of the work in property management comes during the showing, tenant screening, leasing, and move-in process. If you're self-managing, it's the activities that take the most time out of your day.

Well, since Onerent is taking on that burden of leasing, we expense much of our cost upfront as well. We're spending on the inspection, showings, processing inquiries, applications, lease negotiation, etc.

In order to cover these extra costs, we need to render an upfront leasing fee for all of our packages.

If you're worried about committing to a full partnership with Onerent, it's important to note that we cover legal costs of an eviction up to $15k if the tenants we qualified go wrong and we payout rent so that it arrives on the third business day of each month.

You get a great deal with Onerent compared to traditional leasing agents and managers who charge upwards of a full month's rent to place a renter.

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