Today's renters have many different options in front of them on which apartments or homes to rent so it's important to set yours out from all the noise. One of the best ways to do so is to provide renters with confidence that your rental is habitable and in great condition to live in. Setting expectations at the beginning of the process does wonders down the line and minimizes headaches during the move-in. When we inspect your rental, we'll provide you with a certification status that falls into one of these three categories: Onerent Certified, Certified by Owner, or Not Certified.

Onerent Certified
Your home has passed all habitability and rentability standards as defined in our inspection. We will display your Onerent Certified status on your listing to provide prospects with better expectations and more comfort in the quality of your home. We will also feature your listing to our exclusive network of relocation agents and local companies.

Certified by Owner
You as the owner have fixed the required fixes we recommended and verified those are resolved. These listings will receive similar treatment as Onerent Certified homes but with a clear expectation to the prospective renter that we have not 100% verified your certification.

Not CertifiedIf your rental is habitable and fits into our model but you are not completing the required fixes we recommend, then the property is Not Certified. We will not indicate that on the listing but we will also not guarantee to renters that your home is verified on quality.

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