How Onerent Prioritizes Maintenance Tasks

Emergency - will be taken care of immediately

What is an emergency?

Anything that endangers life or poses severe damage risk to the property if not corrected immediately will qualify as an emergency service.

This includes:

  • Pipe leak that cannot be shut off
  • No hot water
  • Mold

Onrent will contact you as soon as the issue is received via phone, email, and through your dashboard. These issues will need to be addressed immediately.

Habitability - must be taken care of within 48 hours of discovery. This ensures a quick response and reduces your liability. You may choose your vendor as long as it can be completed in a timely manner.

Habitability Turnaround Process

Any unit that is available for rent is assumed to have an implied warranty of habitability. Meaning, the landlord is guaranteeing that the unit will be in safe, good working order for the life of the tenancy.

This Includes:

  • Essential utilities: heat, hot & cold water, electricity, gas, etc.
  • Any dangerous or life-threatening conditions, such as exposed electrical wires, a contaminated water supply, chipping lead paint, mold, etc.
  • Working plumbing and sewer facilities
  • Functioning locks on exterior doors
  • Required smoke and C02 detectors all working
  • Functional appliances, such as a fridge or stove

Owners will be immediately notified of these maintenance requests and a course of action must be determined within 48 hours. Again, you may choose your preferred vendor if the issue can be addressed on a reasonable timeline.

Other Maintenance Requests - A course of action will be decided within 5 business days for all other concerns.

Routine Maintenance Turnaround Process

Many factors go into the response time of each request, such as the type and the date/time it was submitted, which makes the exact answer to this vary case by case. Requests are processed immediately and owners will be notified of the issue the same day via email and their dashboard.

As the owner, you can select the course of action online:

  • Leave as is: item is not a major concern and will not be fixed
  • Fix now: Onerent will assign vendor to fix item
  • Owner will fix: owner will fix the item using their preferred vendor
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