After each Tour, prospects will receive a text message with a link to the property’s feedback page. If they’re interested, we’ll link them to the Application Center where they can complete our easy online application process. 

If prospects take more time to decide, our Portfolio Specialists will regularly follow-up with them after the showing.  

Prospects can also apply through your property’s Onerent listing or the links sent to them in the follow-up SMS or emails.

Prospects who need help completing their application can contact our helpline. As soon as we get a qualified, complete application, we’ll send it to you for approval!

You can view inquiries, tours, and applications to your property on your Owner Dashboard any time. Your Leasing Specialist will also update you about applications through email or calls.

Onerent Fielders are scheduled to patrol your property and check these 5 items to increase security at your home:

  • Verify the Self Tour lockbox
  • Test keys for valid access
  • Submit a photo of each door entry to ensure no breaches
  • Submit a photo of each bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room to verify the condition of the home
  • Submit a photo of the keys in the lockbox

If you have any questions about applications for your property, feel free to call (408) 214-5222 or email

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