Self-Tours allow prospective renters to tour properties by themselves at their convenient time, any day of the week. 

Qualified properties get a complimentary free upgrade to an electronic lockbox to enable Self-Tours. The lockbox installation is easy, with no mobile app or WiFi required. 

Prospects provide their contact details to book a Self-Tour. We verify all prospects before they take a home tour of your property. We do this by requesting a photo of their ID and an image of themselvees. 

On the day of the Self-Tour, verified prospects are given a one-time lockbox code to access the property. Each Self-Tour takes up to 15-30 minutes each. 

Onerent Fielders are scheduled to patrol your property and check these 5 items to increase security at your home:

  • Verify the Self Tour lockbox
  • Test keys for valid access
  • Submit a photo of each door entry to ensure no breaches
  • Submit a photo of each bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room to verify the condition of the home
  • Submit a photo of the keys in the lockbox

With flexible tour schedules, our Self-Tour enabled properties get 10-15 successful tours each day. Enabling Self-Tours shortens your property’s vacancy period faster compared to Onerent Guided Tours that only allow one showing per day. This varies depending on the region or property type.

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