You can easily setup your automated online payment through your rental dashboard. Follow this 2-step guide to pay your initial payment 5 days before the lease

Step 1. Setup your automated payment online
Don’t worry, your information is stored in a bank-level security.

First, login to your Onerent dashboard
Click here to login

  • Look for the “Renter” tab in your dashboard
  • Next, click the add bank account button
  • Enter the accounting and routing numbers of the account you'd like to pay from.
  • Double check and confirm your details. 
  • You will be notified when your bank details has been successfully saved

Step 2: Schedule your rent payment

  • Schedule a monthly recurring payment or do a one-time payment each month
  • Click ‘schedule a payment’ button to select which conditions fits to you.
  • When you pay your first rent, you'll have the chance to split rent between any and all roommates as you see fit.
  • You can then set-up automated, recurring payments for hassle-free monthly payments. Or, you can do one-time payments each month. Make sure checkbox is ticked if paying recurrently.
  • Save your scheduled payment and your done! Your payment will now be deducted next billing.
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