Moving in with Onerent only takes two simple steps.

Step 1: Sign the lease

Once you're approved for a property, inform the Portfolio Specialist of your move-in date so they can finalize the lease. You and the owner will sign the lease electronically.

Step 2: Settle your initial payment

Make the initial payment 24 hours after you sign the lease.The initial payment consists of the security deposit, prorated first month's rent, and a service fee of $50 per adult resident to cover the cost of lease and payment processing. 

Payment only takes a few minutes through your Renter Dashboard. Click here to check out the 2-step guide for payment set-up.

Once the payment is successfully cleared, you're good to go! We will send you an email at 12:00 A.M of the move-in date. The email will include the location of the lockbox, access code, and specific instructions on how to access the property.

On your move-in day, locate the lockbox and use the code to access your keys as explained on the email.

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