Our leasing service agreement covers the services, costs, and terms of the agreement between an owner and Onerent. We've designed it to be as practical and straightforward as possible. Here are some key highlights most owners ask about:

Exclusive Listing
We require that we are the ones listing exclusively because realistically if you have multiple parties trying to post to the same site, they will block the listings. Plus it can be confusing to coordinate communication with prospects from multiple sources. We'll help invite any prospects you know of into our process.

Leasing Fee
Our leasing fee is 50-75% of a first full month's rent (varies by region). It covers our tech-enabled rental leasing services to find you a highly qualified tenant in less time than competitors. 

It compares to the industry average leasing fee of upwards 100% of first month's rent.

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Listed Rental Rate and Showings
We have different conditions for how showings are done depending on the pricing strategy you select from on our Comp Report. We do this because we want to focus on leasing efficiently and it is almost always the case that renting at the market rate will save your money in the long run because vacancy is extremely costly. So, for example, if you choose an aggressive above market pricing strategy, we will do 3 free showings before you must adjust your asking rent.

Inspection of the Rental Unit
Based on your onboarding inspection, we'll determine if your listing is Onerent Certified meaning is passes the criteria outlined in this section. Onerent Certified means that we'll let prospects know that we've verified the quality of your rental with an on-site inspection.

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