Our pricing varies depending on your desired service package. We've tried to keep things simple, transparent, and flexible. We only charge our leasing fee once a tenant is placed and ongoing monthly fees are only charged with an occupied rental.

Leasing Only:
50% of the first full month's rent upon tenant placement.

Full-service Management: 40% of first month's rent upon tenant placement & 5% of rent monthly ($150/mo minimum)

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There is a standard $200 change of management fee if you have existing tenants to cover cost of onboarding the tenants and property (not applied if the tenants are moving out within 60 days).

If you refer another property owner to Onerent, you and that person can get $250 in credit towards leasing fees!

If you own more than 5 properties, please contact us. There may be volume discount pricing if you add all at once.

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