Onerent is happy to assist you with renting your home to the best possible renters, and the Property Walkthrough will ensure the rental is ready for Home Tours! This service is available for properties under Basic Management and Onerent 360.

The bottom line: renters need a safe, habitable, and clean place to live. To provide this experience, it is essential to onboard the property correctly. We require the following steps must be taken in preparation for the Property Walkthrough.

  • Tidy up and declutter the property so that we can take some high-quality photos for the listing (including 360-degree photos for the 3D Virtual tour).
  • Make sure the property is vacant.
  • Bring at least three (3) sets of any access door keys with you and have at least two (2) copies of any additional door keys. We need these so that we can provide tenants with the legally required 2 copies and start showing the unit.
  • Review our agreement ┬áso that you understand the terms of our engagement.
  • Keep all utilities on. They must be kept on until new renters move in.

If you need more time to take care of these essential items, that's ok! Just contact, and we can reschedule your onboarding inspection.

Learn about what is included in an inspection

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