No worries. With Poplar Street, the amount of rent you charge, the length of the agreement you’re signing with the tenants, and the quality of tenants do not change. When your renters sign up with Poplar, they only make an agreement with Onerent that we will credit them 20% of the value of the rent they spend at your home towards a future home purchase if they buy a home through Onerent.  We are calling this credit “Poplar Home Savings”.

It is likely that they will opt to rent your property for longer given they can earn the 20% credit only from a Onerent home. Furthermore, because we are reporting rent payment history to the credit bureaus for your tenants, they are incentivized to make on time monthly payments and take better care of the home knowing that we will be assisting them later down the line with a mortgage and in qualifying to buy a home.

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