First, join the Poplar Street Waitlist here.  Then, follow the instructions below for the scenario which best matches your current situation:

Currently Looking for a Home to Rent

For renters in the San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Los Angeles, San Diego, or Seattle areas, you can find a home enabled with the Poplar Home Savings by browsing our available listings. When you find a home to rent, schedule a showing and qualify quickly and easily for free.  If you don’t see the home you want right away, by signing up on the Poplar Street Waitlist, we will let you know about new opportunities so you can participate when fresh home inventory is released.

Already Renting a Home But Not Through Onerent

If you currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Los Angeles, San Diego, or Seattle areas, please take 30 seconds if you would like to refer your existing landlord by filling in this form. We’ll get in touch with your landlord to see if he or she would be interested in enrolling your rental home on Poplar Street so you can start to receive all the great benefits.

Renting a Home Outside Our Current Markets

If you currently live or are planning to live outside our current markets, nominate your city to be our next area of expansion by filling out this form. If you’ve joined our Poplar Street Waitlist, we’ll update you once we expand to your area.  Tell friends in your area to also nominate your city as popular demand will help us get to you sooner.

Currently Renting a Home through Onerent

If you’re currently renting your home through Onerent, good news, you’re already enrolled in Poplar Street.  All you have to do is activate it through your Renter Dashboard, to begin earning and keeping track of your Poplar Home Savings.  As a special bonus for being a loyal renter, you’ll also receive a starting Poplar Home Savings credit of 20% of all past rent payments up to the preceding 12 months of your existing Onerent lease period.  

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