To sign up as a property owner, you have a couple different options. You can either contact our Market Development team to learn more and get started with your account or follow the below instructions on how to sign up on Onerent’s website:

1. Use the button in the top right of the website that says ”Sign Up” to begin the sign up process.

2. Select “Get Started” under the “For Homeowners” section

3. As part of your sign up process, Onerent will provide a free rental comp report. In this next step, enter in all your property details that you’re considering signing up with Onerent. Start by typing in your property’s address and select the correct one from the drop-down. Please ensure all information for unit # (if applicable), property type, square footage, and beds/baths is properly filled in.

4. Next, fill in your contact details and how you heard about Onerent so that we can send you the completed comp report and our team can follow-up for next steps.

5. You will then be logged into your Owner Dashboard on Onerent where you’ll view the completed rental comp report and learn more about Onerent’s services.

6. Also, check your email as you will receive further instructions after signing up.

If you have any questions after signing up, do not hesitate to call our Market Development team at 408-675-5490.

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