Applying for a Onerent home is simple and free. All members of your housing group over the age of 18 must complete separate applications and link those applications together in a group to successfully apply.

There are two steps to the application process: Building Your Profile and Strengthening Your Profile.

The Build Your Profile steps are to collect some initial information about the applicants that Onerent can then provide to the owner of the home for approval. Once all group members complete the Build Your Profile steps and link their applications together in a group, we will endorse the application to the owner of the property. If the owner gives us the go-ahead, you will need to complete the Strengthen Your Profile steps to submit all remaining documents, credit check, and background check required to fully qualify to rent the home.

Please follow the below instructions if you are a new Onerent user with an existing account:

1. Navigate to the listing of the property you wish to apply for or find it on the Listings page. Alternatively, if you’ve been invited to join a Renter Group, follow our full instructions on How to Join a Renter Group to get started.

2. Once on the listing page, select “Apply Now” to begin your application.

3. Next, complete the required fields to Build Your Profile. This will include adding General Details, Employment Status, and attaching your application to a group or proceeding as an individual.

4. Then, under the General Details section, add in your gender, birthdate, criminal history, and any pet information. We require criminal history and pet info to help determine qualification to rent. Please keep in mind the pet policy for the home you’re applying for--this information can be found on the property’s listing page. We require the pet weight and type as part of the rental application.

5. Under Employment Status, select your current employment status, whether you’re employed, unemployed, or a student. For each status type, we require different information and documentation to complete your qualification.

6. If you are employed, select the relevant employment status from the drop-down options. You can choose from: Recently Employed (less than 3 months), Employee, Self-employed, Freelance/Contractor, or International Employee.

7. After selecting your employment status, we ask you to report truthfully your annual income amount and credit range. Keep in mind our standard criteria for qualified renters is all group members must have 650 or higher credit and collectively must earn 2.5 times the monthly rent in monthly gross income.

8. Next, you will need to either indicate it is just you applying for the home or if you have a group you want to create or join.

9. If you’re applying on your own and there are no other occupants of the home over 18 years old, select, “Individual.” If there are others you plan on living with, and if you’re the first one to apply, select “Group. ” If someone has already created a group for your renter group, select “Joining a Group.”

10. Follow the prompts under your selected options or see our full article on How to Create a Renter Group or How to Join a Renter Group to learn more.

11. After clicking “Submit,” navigate to Your Application Center to view the status of all your applications.

12. Once all group members complete the Build Your Profile Steps explained above, we will endorse your application to the property owner for pre-approval.

13. To fully apply, you will need to complete the Strengthen Your Profile steps. You can do so at any time by navigating to your Application Center and selecting the prompt saying “Complete my Profile”

14. On the Strengthen Profile steps, we will ask for additional documentation to prove income and employment. We will also collect details required to run a free soft credit check and background check.

15. To get a head start on the process, we recommend all group members complete the Strengthen Your Profile steps immediately after completing the Build Your Profile steps. Either way, this information will be required once we receive pre-approval acknowledgement from the property owner.

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