To successfully apply for a home on Onerent, all group members over 18 years old planning to live at the property must complete their own application and must be a part of a group to apply together if you’re planning on living with multiple people. There are a couple ways to join your renter group. Please follow the below instructions to join through one of these methods:

Through your Online Renter Dashboard:

You can use this method of joining a group if you have not signed up for Onerent yet or if you start from the listing page of the property you wish to apply for.

1. Start by either clicking “Sign Up” in the top right of the website or by hitting “Apply Now” on the property listing. Complete the required information in the first step.

2. Next, you’ll need to complete the Build Your Profile steps of your application. You can see the full instructions in our article on How to Apply for a Property.

3. On the third step of the Build Your Profile flow, labeled “Application Details”, select “Joining a Group.”

4. Enter your group’s Group Key found in the application dashboard of whoever first create the group. It will be in this sort of format as an example: serious-firefly-63

5. Once you’ve joined the group, you may continue to Strengthen Your Profile or navigate to your Application Center to view the status of your applications.

Through an email invitation:

You can use this method of joining a group if you are invited by another group member or if you are sent a link to join the group.

1. Check your email for the invite to join a renter group. It will look something like this with the subject line “You’re invited to join a resident group on Onerent”

2. Click on the “Join Group Now” or navigate to the Join URL provided to you.

3. You will land on a web page that asks you to enter the group key for your group--if you’ve clicked on the email or the link provided, this information is pre-filled.

4. Select “Continue” to join the group and begin your portion of the rental application. You can read the full instructions on How to Apply for a Property.

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