When applying for a home on Onerent, all occupants you plan on living with who are over 18 years old must complete an application. Please refer to our article on How to Create a Renter Group to set up your group. You may refer to the instructions below to invite someone to join your group:

1. Navigate to your Application Center of your Renter Dashboard.

2. Scroll down to the My Group section to see pending applicant groups you’ve created.

3. Select “Invite another applicant” to invite a group member to your group.

4. When the dialog pops-up, you can either enter in your co-applicant’s emails to invite them or use the “Join URL” to share with a group member to join on their own.

5. Use the + and - signs to add or remove other group members.

6. Once you’ve entered all other group members’ emails, click “Send Invitation”

7. Your group members will receive an email invite joining your renter group.

8. All group members must complete the Build Your Profile and Strengthen Your Profile steps to fully apply and qualify for the home you wish to rent.

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