Applying for a Onerent home is simple and free, just follow these simple steps: 

1. Go to your chosen property's Onerent listing and click ''Apply Now''. 

At ''Renter Sign-up," fill up the form to create your Onerent account (use this account to apply to as many Onerent properties as you want for free) with your name, email address, and phone number. Click the Sign-up button to take you to the Application Center. 

2. At the Application Center, click ''Complete Profile Now'' and it will take you to the General Details section. Provide the required information such as your address, birthday, gender, criminal history and pet information (the property's pet policy is found on its listing).

3. Click ''Next'' to go to ''Employment Details'' and select your current employment status from the drop-down options. We require different documents depending on your employment status.  

4. Indicate your valid annual income and credit range. Each group member must have a credit score of 650 or higher and must collectively earn income 2.5 times the monthly rent.

5. Click ''Next'' to fill in your Group Details. If you’re applying on your own, select, “Individual.” If you're moving in with a group, check out How to Create and Add Members to a Renter Group.

6.  Click ''Next'' to go to the Upload Documents tab and upload your docs such as Photo ID, W2 Form, Job Offer letter and Support Documents to prove income and employment. Click ''Next."

7. At ''Complete your Credit Check," input your social security number so we can run a free soft credit check and background check. Click ''I Agree, Proceed'' to take you back to the Application Center where you can view the status of your application. If you haven't chosen a property yet, go to the rental listings page to choose a home and apply.

Your individual or group application is considered complete only when you have submitted all requirements.

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