Onerent offers leasing, management, and maintenance services in three different packages. This breakdown provides hands-on and hands-off owners with more flexibility and choice in how they engage with Onerent. You can start with just leasing, just stick with that, or see our execution and add-on monthly rent collection and maintenance services.

You can compare a list of features in each service package on our pricing page.

Here are our packages:

Leasing Only

For owners looking for just leasing and tenant placement services, we offer our modern leasing service. 

Features: Rental comp report, property walkthrough, marketing photos, 360-degree virtual tour photos, listing on 40+ sites, on-demand showings, tenant qualification, lease creation, first month’s rent and security deposit collected from renter and sent via ACH to owner.

Cost: 50% of the first full month's rent upon tenant placement. Charged via credit/debit card.

Get started by listing your rental and receiving a detailed comparable listings report.

Additional resources: About the Leasing Service Agreement

Basic Management

You can sign up for basic management if you have existing tenants or as an add-on package to Leasing Only. With our basic monthly package, owners can access full-service maintenance and some ongoing management services. 

Features: Move-in inspection, rent collection, online resident/owner dashboard, automatic rental payments, full-service maintenance, vendor coordination, billing, expense & income tracking, tenant management.

Cost: $100/month ($200 if you have currently existing tenants and need to do change of management)

Additional resources: About the Basic Mgmt Agreement

Full-service Management:

This is a standalone property management service for the hands-off property owner. It includes all the typical management services you'd expect but facilitated by the unique power of Onerent's industry-leading technology and team. We've also included our rent guarantee and eviction coverage.

Features: Everything in the Leasing Only and Basic Management, plus: $15k eviction coverage & coordination, rent guarantee, annual health & safety inspections and tenant notices.

Cost: 40% of first month's rent upon tenant placement & 5% of rent monthly ($150/mo minimum)

For owners with vacant rentals, get started by listing your rental and receiving a detailed comparable listings report. If your property is currently tenant-occupied and you'd like to switch management, contact us.

If you have more specific questions about our services, drop us a line in the chat box found on the bottom right or give us a call at feel free to give us a call at (408) 809-5481

Alternatively, you can find more details here, on our services page.

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