All Onerent packages that include Maintenance will cover more thorough documentation and testing so that our Maintenance team is prepared for future issues that may come up after renters move in.

Walkthrough Checklist:

  • 1 smoke detector per room *
  • 1 carbon monoxide detector per floor of the home (preferably in hallway)*
  • All utilities are turned on and functioning
  • Gas and heat are fully functioning
  • Property is clean and decluttered for photos and showings (including carpets if applicable)
  • All lights and light bulbs are working
  • All doors and windows are operational. Open, close, and lock.
  • Both hot and cold water are running throughout home
  • No visible leaks under sinks or in bathrooms
  • 2 copies of the front door key
  • 1 copy of all other access door keys (spider door, back door, sliding door, screen door, etc)
  • At least 1 copy of any community keys or fobs (mailbox, storage, garage, gates, pool, gym, etc.)
  • All fire extinguisher tags are up to date.
  • No visible structural issues inside or outside of property.
  • No foundational issues around exterior property perimeter and pavement
  • Documentation of appliance serial numbers, make, model types.
  • All appliances & systems are working. Flush if necessary, including water heaters, septic tanks, sump pumps, and/or drains.
  • Check the year of manufacture and installation date on your water heater.

*If your property does not have smoke detectors or CO alarms, our Field Operations team can install them for a small charge. Please check your local laws regarding requirements for smoke and CO detectors.

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